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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Un pequeño México in Boston

Every once in a while, your taste buds yearn for something different. Something exotic. Something that all East Coasters can't get enough of...Mexican food. 

So with my taste buds screaming for some guacamole and salsa, a friend and I headed over to Cambridge for some authentic Mexican food at Ole. Expecting the traditional taco and burrito menu, I was pleasantly surprised at the menu which included duck and even lobster! Though I'm not sure either of these are "traditional" Mexican dishes, I appreciated the variety that Ole has to offer. I also appreciated the moderate prices for the quality of food here! Here's a clip of what we had:

Drinks: SANGRIA- Refreshing and delicious! Great prices when you buy by the pitcher, not the glass. 
Appetizer: GUACAMOLE EN MOLCAJETE and SALSA -Made fresh at the table, this guac was incredible! Just the right amount of each ingredient allowed for each flavor to be cherished. 
Entree:  CHICKEN ENCHILADA - Although I probably should have chosen something just for the variety, Enchilada's are like the Mexican version of Mom's Meatloaf on a cold, rainy night, which it was when we went. The side of "Creama Fresca" (translation: creme fresh) was a nice alternative to regular sour cream. You also get to choose between ranchera and mole poblano sauce, giving you even more options. If you're feeling lucky, go ahead and get both!
Dessert: CARVEL ICE CREAM CAKE -Okay, so we were too stuffed by the time we finished dinner to eat right dessert at Ole. I suggested Birthday Cake and some genius suggested Carvel Ice Cream Cake with "Happy Birthday" written on top. 

The one downfall at Ole is the parking lot behind the restaurant is usually packed. Try parking one street over for free parking after 6 pm. Just make sure you don't end up in resident parking, or else you may have another $40 bill when you leave. 

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