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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Vegas v. Boston

After a week long stay in Fabulous Las Vegas I started to think about all the fabulous food I had along the way. Although nothing trumps room service (read: I'm lazy), the food really was spectacular. On the plane ride back, my friend said that she didn't think the food in Boston was comparable. I, however, disagree. I'm glad to say that I found the food in Vegas really tasty, but I think that Boston does have really good food. I will admit that our restaurants aren't nearly as decorative as Vegas', but then again, when it comes down to it--I'll take good food over good decor any day. 

During some part of the 5 hour plane ride back, I made of list of places that I thought were comparable to the places we ate at in Vegas. If you ever do go to Vegas, this list is probably a good starting place for where to dine. In the meantime, at least you can rest assured that your not completely missing out!

Las Vegas 
1. Dos Caminos at the Palazzo - Great Mexican food, lots of choices in tequila and even had Sangrita, which is extremely hard to find in Boston.       
2. Canter's Deli at Treasure Island -Mile high sandwiches with fresh meats and breads. Also had my first frozen custard here!
3. The Grille at the Golden Nugget-Another quick sandwich place in Downtown Las Vegas that had the best hot dogs and fries. I almost felt like I was at Fenway with the Sports betting going on right behind the Grille. 
4. Grand Lux Cafe at the Venetian -A 24/7 cafe serving an array of food items. Finding this place at 5 am for breakfast was a treat!
5. Joe's at the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace-I'm clearly biased since the Original Joe's is in Miami Beach, but they had wonderful seafood which was a nice change from the typical steakhouse in Vegas. 

Boston Counterparts
1. La Verdad Taqueria -Amazing Mexican food in a fun and decorative atmosphere. And yes, they serve Sangrita.
2. Zaftigs in Brookline - You can't go wrong at this classic Jewish deli. From sandwiches to cupcakes, this place will definitely fill you up just like your Jewish Grandma did!
3. Spike's Junkyard Dogs - For dogs and fries, this place can't be beat. Order one of the specialty dogs or just go for the Mutt (plain dog on a roll), everything is delicious.
4. Finale -Grand Lux Cafe is actually very hard to match since it does have a wide variety of food. I would have said Cheesecake Factory, but since it's owned by the same person, I wanted to suggest something different. Although, CF does deserve its round of applause for its consistently delicious food and desserts. 
5. Union Oyster House in Faneuil Hall- Without a doubt, better than any other seafood place in Boston! 

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