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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What to do when your food is just yuck

A friend and I started a conversation today about what to do when you're at a restaurant and something you order is just plain gross. I think it's okay to send it back and simply tell the waiter that it doesn't taste right. My friend said that you have to just deal with it. 

I think its important we make the distinction here that I'm not talking about when food is over/under-cooked. If something your ordered does not come as you ordered it, I think the rule is you send it back. Despite all the horror stories we've heard about what cooks do to returned food, I haven't ever met anyone (cook, chef, even fry cook) who actually messes with the food (as much as they probably want to). Flashback to Roadtrip and the French Toast scene comes to mind here. 

However, I still think that in most restaurants--and by most, I mean anywhere that your dish costs more than $8.99--it is alright to tell the waiter/waitress that your meal does not taste as expected. AND, they should allow you to order something else. Am I the only one who thinks this way?


Anonymous said...

I think most food is not yuk - once in a while your gm m cooks yuk food - but do not tell her I said that - or I will have to deny telling you ha ha - proud of u etc. - your pp b... later

Antonio Tahhan said...

hmm... that's an interesting question. I think it depends on the what the customer had ordered.
If they are familiar with the ingredients and/or the dish and it did not taste right, then they should most certainly send it back. However, if the customer simply overlooked an exotic ingredient in the dish that they did not end up liking, then that is not the chef's fault and they should either order something else or continue eating what they already have... but that's just me.

Antonio Tahhan said...

ps. that picture freaks me out!

Jamie said...

I think that was the point of the picture Tony lol...thanks for all the comments!